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We’re a new style of agency - For a new level of work.

Your business isn’t like anyone else’s.

So we are also uniquely built with the ability to bring Wonder to your customers.

Brands can spark passion and excitement. Our role is to find those sparks & passion points, bringing  them to life through thoughtful, clever processes.
We take brands on a journey to accelerate desirability and sales.

With 1der you’ll work only with masters of their craft. We have one of the most influential networks of talent across every level, platform, channel and category.

Our network is your network..


How We Got Here

Advertising isn’t dying, but communication is undergoing a major evolution.
We are a part of the future.

Big agencies have tried to fit the new communications approach inside their existing silos. The results are increased overheads that are impossible to manage, massive salary bases are eating into your budget and processes that prove lengthy, reductive and cumbersome.

We always adhere to the basic principles of selling.  And we’re always spending time knowing the consumer, undertaking research and creating ways to build brand love, along with ongoing recruitment and loyalty.

Our model is built on great creative ideas, agility and results.



We excite your customers on their terms

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Consumers have changed with today’s audiences curating their own media.  So we deep dive into your competitors, consumer mind sets, your business goals and desired outcomes.
We work collaboratively with you through every step.

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We distill the essence of your brand
We study the behaviour of your customers
We engage influencers to unlock your ‘sweet spots’ 

We audit what your competitors & market are doing

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We find the true voice of your brand

We work through your brand's identity again with the key stakeholders to see where you fit and discover all the possibilities.




Launching a beauty brand into an already cluttered category

Garnier - a franchise under the L'Oreal banner was launching into Australia.  A mass market range it had to compete with a minimum of 75 sku's in the category. Our challenge was to create rapid escalation of awareness, build a loyal customer base and create sales across all women 18+

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 8.00.25 pm.png
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 We created  a dedicated inclusive team of all the stakeholders to build a powerful brand plan & strategy for this market. 
Insights were at the heart of everything we did.

Being a global brand, our ethos was 

Be global, act local.

We created a real life emotional bond with consumers making Garnier unique, essential and relevant.

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Garnier – ‘More than a brand, a way of life’.

The Australian Open is the biggest sporting event in the world in January. Tennis is loved by all Australians.  The values fitted perfectly with Garnier of Healthy Beauty. Garnier took on associate sponsorship for 5 years where we created a totally integrated advertising, sampling & experiental plan that took over not only Rod Laver Arena but the whole city.

25,000 people visited Garnier World & connected directly with the brand.

Sales reflected a direct correlation. Within 2 years of launch Garnier ranked #2 in the total beauty category in Australia.

* Full case studies are available on request including all other brand activity.


Brand Work

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 9.13.30 am.png

Hush Puppies mantra is - 'inclusive for all, exclusive to none'.  To broaden reach we negotiated a partnership with Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2019, which attracts 2 million visitors over two weeks.  Hush Puppies became the first brand to be an official fashion partner

We were a sponsor on Fair Day (where over 80,000 were exposed to the brand) - On site we sponsored the appropriately named Doggywood afternoon.  We activated our massive Dog Kennel - and had 1800 people join in the festive spirit of the day signing up to the loyalty program.  Hush Puppies donated 50% of profits from the sale of the Rainbow shoe to the Mardi Gras Grants Fund.

Hush Puppies - Oxford St Sydney.jpg


To continue to grow across new markets, Hush Puppies maximised their Mardi Gras Sponsorship by having a travelling road show interacting with Australians in greater rural towns -  with pop-ups for consumers to experience the brand, and win prizes while all the time we continued to grow the data base.

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 10.45.00 am.pn

2018 Hush Puppies 60th Birthday

Hush Puppies, a brand with high consumer awareness, had slipped into the category of being the shoe for 'the baby boomers' - comfortable, trustworthy- but not high in the fashion stakes.  Our role was to create perceptual change for the brand -  recruiting new customers, sustaining existing loyalty and grow the data base numbers.
We researched the brand history and leveraged off their background of being an integral part of the music culture in the 80's and 90's.  We partnered with Ticktek and Nova Radio  and created pop ups in major capital city Shopping Centres bringing the brand to life.  We gave away VIP tickets to hundreds of the best concerts and events in Australia  increasing the data base by '000's.  We amplified the messaging through major magazines, and digital platforms - Hush Puppies became cool again.


RSPCA Partnership

We created a partnership between Hush Puppies and the RSPCA - giving the logo basset hound relevance and exposure.  Hush Puppies activated at the annual Million Paws Walk via a giant dog kennel we constructed -  the highlight of the event - after the dogs, of course.

At the close of 2018, Hush Puppies were 179% over forecast budget.  And sales in Myer had reached over 243%



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Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 12.48.18 pm.pn

Bacardi International

We were approached by an International Agency on behalf of Bacardi who required a world champion sportsman for their campaign "Time Out from Drinking".  Given our contact portfolio, we went through a lengthy process of finding someone who fitted the criteria.  World Champion Surfer Joel Parkinson was the perfect fit and worked with the brand alongside Rafa Nadal

Tennis Australia

Hot Shots Tennis – A new concept in tennis designed with modified equipment especially designed for 5-10 year olds.
Tennis needed a to connect directly to kids in a fun way.
We created a patnership with Nickelodeon which has one of the highest reaches into the kid's market with appeal to both boys & girls.  The brief resulted in taking two of their hottest hosts Luke & Wyatt on the adventure of becoming Hot Shots Tennis Stars. This partnership has extended over the the last 6 years and is a critical part of getting kids into tennis.


AA&ADA is the leading industry body representing Antique and Fine Art dealers in Australia. 

Our role was to change the perception that has accrued over the years of Antiques not being relevant in today's minimalist design era. 

We partnered with some of the top digital design magazines who created a series of stories showing how beautiful design comes together incorporating stunning antique pieces as a feature.  This introduced a whole new generation to antiques. 

We also created animated activity into the fairs by having interactive talks from "how to start a wine collection" to various collectible categories.    



The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We all have a self-motivated passion about communication. We are curious and restless.  We are team players with one goal: To create the best your brand can be.
How it works, why it works and a belief about the difference it can make to a company and brand. We have rigorous business processes in place to ensure your brand is at the centre of our work.
We don't take ourselves too seriously and we like the people we work with.  We choose you as much as you choose us.
Your success is our success

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